iFp Studios

(9-12th grade)

A teen-powered design and innovation studio that deploys fresh youth inspired solutions to real problems for real clients. Working collaboratively with designers, technologists, makers and other professionals, youth weave the physical and digital worlds together to create immersive experiences with enduring impact. We like to think of it as a teen-powered consultancy analogous to design firm IDEO.


iFp Interest-Driven Integrated Learning Labs

(7-8th Grade)

Are designed to spark the curiosity of students who have not developed an inclination for science or math. Starting with student’s interest in pop culture, desire to help people or emerging technologies, we introduce underlying science and math principles. This un-intimidating entry point broadens participation beyond those with a natural inclination for science and math programs.


iFp Saturdays

(Ages 13-18)

Hosted at MIT over 15 Saturdays from October to May, serves as an introduction to iFp’s skills and mindset development. Students participate in design and engineering challenges often in collaboration with various MIT staff, alumni or students.