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iFp Studios is unique in that students work collaboratively with designers, technologists, makers and other professionals to take ideas from concept to finished product (real projects for real clients).  Teen Creatives seamlessly weave the physical and digital worlds together to create immersive experiences with enduring impact.  The resulting outcome of our engagements are both business and social.  Clients receive professionally produced youth inspired solutions to their business problems, as well as gain the social benefits of working with young people in a meaningful way to develop the skills and mindsets to participate in the innovation economy.  We like to think of it as a teen-powered consultancy analogous to design firm IDEO.



Cambridge Redevelopment Authority wanted a creative intervention in the built-environment for the enjoyment and education of Cambridge’s residents, workers and visitors.  


Interactive sculpture and panel installation that brings to life the rich history of Kendall Square.


Cambridge Public Library wanted to bring awareness to their makerspace and reach new communities.  


Augmented Reality social media campaign leveraging Instagram and Snapchat.

Clients include: 

Cambridge Redevelopment Authority,  Cambridge Public Library and MITHire our teen-powered design and innovation studio to gain a unique perspective to your business problems.


Show Us

Exposing students to people, places and opportunities is central to our work.  We do this in many dynamic ways including taking them inside of the very “buildings they walk by every day.”  We would love to visit your company.

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Mentor Us

Mentorship may be the most important element of our programming. Many of our students often start with little interest in innovation-based careers, limited knowledge of innovation-related topics, and few contacts with role models in innovation-based careers. iFp’s goal is to keep students in our programming from the time we identify them until the graduate from high school. Thus, building long-term relationships that can help students stay on the innovation pathway is critical to their success. We need professionals in all fields to help serve as mentors.


Invest in Us

 If you have been following our work it’s clear that our approach is unique, high quality and desperately needed.  To continue building on and expanding this work we need need partners.  If you are with us – INVEST NOW, every contribution makes a difference. The next best way to help is to connect us with visionaries – individuals, corporations and foundations who value energizing this untapped source of innovation. Let’s make this happen!

Innovators for Purpose is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.


Thank you to our Amazing Partners:

Thank you for your ability to see around the corners with us – as we discover, in unlikely places, the next generation of designers, scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs.