iFp Studios 

iFp Studios is unique in that students work collaboratively with designers, technologists, makers and other professionals to take ideas from concept to finished product (real projects for real clients).   The resulting outcome of our engagements are both business and social.  Clients receive professionally produced youth inspired solutions to their business problems, as well as gain the social benefits of working with young people in a meaningful way to develop the skills and mindsets to participate in the innovation economy.

iFp Studios is much more than a program.  The learning is intensified as all stakeholders from students to end clients are truly vested in project.  All aspects of product development from economics to manufacturing are taken into consideration. Students must negotiate tradeoffs between desirability, feasibility and viability highly differentiating this from school projects. Design reviews are embedded in process providing students opportunities to develop their communication skills.

Past Clients Include:  MIT, Cambridge Redevelopment Authority and Cambridge Public Library.

iFp Studios Business Goals

  • Build Authentic connections to the next generation of designers, scientists, technologists & entrepreneurs – future innovators.

  • Increased youth awareness of company’s products and services.

  • Enriched employee engagement with local youth.

  • Create a fresh perspective of company’s story from youth’s viewpoint.

iFp Studios Student Goals

  • Demonstrate how Design & STEM skills are used in the real-world.

  • Increase youth awareness of opportunities and pathways

  • Build student’s confidence in their abilities to become part of the innovation economy

iFp Studios Outcomes

The resulting installations have already proven to be an amazing source of pride and accomplishment for our students.  It will also be an excellent addition to college applications and portfolios.  The projects have proven to be an authentic method for business employees to engage with youth in a meaningful way.