Our Mission

Innovators for Purpose (iFp) is on a mission to spark students interest, especially those from untapped populations, in the unique power of Design, Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship to transform lives (most importantly their own).

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We bring together the most creative and analytical youth, especially those from under-resourced communities, and introduce them to the combined power of design, science, and tech to solve today’s most complex problems


There is a quiet storm brewing in the innovation economy. People who are creative, tech savy, and entrepreneurial are highly sought-after and will remain in high demand.

We create immersive hands-on experiences that encourage students to develop a sense of belonging in the innovation community. Once they do, they will seek the skills to become active participants. Skill follows will.

Our students are constantly challenged to take steps toward making their mark. They learn that doing, failing, and iterating is the pathway to becoming makers and doers that make things happen

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Our Students

We seek-out high-potential diverse youth grades 7-12, especially those from untapped populations (people of color, girls and those from low-income families) residing in Cambridge and Greater Boston. Our students come from varied backgrounds, but all share a common desire to become makers and doers that drive the world forward.


Our Real-World Approach

Innovators for Purpose is organized as a youth-powered design and innovation studio (iFp Studios) and integrated learning lab (iFp Labs). In iFp Studios, students employ design thinking and creative problem solving strategies as well as graphic design, multimedia production, and web technologies to solve real problems for real clients. We have built an incredible pool of industry professionals, who work collaboratively with students to weave together amazing experiences to delight our clients.


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