Exposure | Skill-Building | Mentorship




Exposure | Skill-Building | Mentorship

Exposing students to people, places and opportunities is central to our work.  We do this in many dynamic ways including taking them inside of the very “buildings they walk by every day.”  Our Saturday program is heavily field-trip based.  Students visit businesses, colleges and museums.  These trips go beyond simple tours to hands-on activities led by our respective hosts. 

The exposure is magnified in the Summer when students participate in 5-week design challenges to solve real-world problems such as “How Might We use robotics to extend the capabilities of people with disabilities?  Utilizing a design based approach borrowed from industry (Design Thinking), students make an emotional connection to problems leading to unique solutions.  Our network of STEM professionals and college students work side by side with the students enriching the experience and serving as role models. 

Support:  If you have been following our work it’s clear that our approach is unique, high quality and desperately needed.  To continue building on and expanding this work we need need partners.  If you are with us – INVEST NOW, every contribution makes a difference. The next best way to help is to connect us with visionaries – individuals, corporations and foundations who value energizing this untapped source of innovation. Let’s make this happen!

Innovators for Purpose is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

To our amazing Investors & Partners, thank you for your ability to see around the corners with us – as we discover, in unlikely places, the next generation of designers, scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs.