Project Buzz

Designed by: ifp teen creatives 2019

location: cambridge public library 449 broadway

Clients: Cambridge public library

Installation Date: January 2020

IMG_1813 2.jpeg

Project buzz

The Hive is a new STEAM creativity zone being built in the lower level of the Cambridge Public Library at 449 Broadway. It is expected to open in Early 2020. The Hive will consist of a hands-on workshop (aka “makerspace”) stocked with digital and traditional fabrication tools, multimedia recording studios for creating audio and video content, and an Extended Reality Lab for experiencing and experimenting with virtual and alternate reality.

Cambridge Public Library asked our Teen Creatives to help develop a strategy to generate “buzz" about the Hive and welcomes everyone especially underserved populations. During the Summer of 2019, the Teens created a multi-component communication strategy that will include print, an email campaign, social media marketing (posts, ads, augmented reality lenses) as well as a culminating event (Game Jam) that will coincide with the opening of the Hive in early 2020.

Biip (pronounced beep) is a virtual-being who was created in the Summer Studio. Duties are still being defined, however it’s expected that Biip will be quite helpful once the Hive is completed. Leading up to the opening, Biip will be featured in the communication campaign in various ways. So far Biip has been overlaid in the real-world through a SnapChat filter, animated in 2D & 3D and featured on a poster.

The Process

iFp Teens use our Integrated Creative Problem Solving (iCps) framework for all design challenges. Students start with ethnographic research tools to understand the problem being solved, synthesize the data to determine what’s most important, consider many ways through ideation and prototyping, then finally deploy a solution to delight and amaze our clients. During the process there is a significant collaboration between the Teens and many mentors.