WayFinding can be defined as spatial problem solving.  It is knowing where you are (history), knowing where your desired destination is (aspirations), and knowing how to get there from your present location (pathway).  Using Cambridge home of the “most innovative square mile on the planet” as a laboratory, WayFinders helps students discover the world of innovation, increase their expectations of becoming a part and uncovers pathways to these opportunities. 

Students in concert with mentors will build a digital storytelling platform and novel WayFinding Signage distribution system to retell stories of Cambridge’s transformation from a leading New England Industrial City into an innovation hotbed. This project utilizes our Integrated Creative Problem Solving (iCps) model to energize youth, develop their Design, STEM and Leadership skills, and inspire them to become problem solvers in today’s innovation-driven economy.

In collaboration with Lead Designer Daniel Koff (Harvard GSD Alum & Adjunct Professor at Olin College), Lead Technologist Amon Millner (MIT Media Arts & Science, PhD, Assistant Professor at Olin College), WayFinders will:

Project Goals (Students):

  • Demonstrate how Design & STEM skills are used in the real-world
  • Increase youth awareness of opportunities and pathways in Cambridge’s thriving economy
  • Build student’s confidence in their abilities to become a part of Cambridge’s economic success.

WayFinders is a multi-year project launched in April of 2017. The Phase I demonstration vehicle is funded in part by a $25,000 grant from the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority.  Students can participate in WayFinders through our Summer and After-School Programs.

Skills Learned include:  Ethnographic Research, Oral Histories, Video production, Audio production, Graphic Design, Web Design, App Design, Mapping and more.

Summer Program / Application:

Grades: Rising 7th-10th
Dates:M-F, July 10 – August 11
Hours:10am – 3:45pm

Morning Session:10am – 12:00pm, Math, Science & Creativity Skills.
Afternoon Session: 12:45pm – 3:45pm, Project Studio

Cost: FREE
Location: Cambridge Public Library (Main Library) 449 Broadway Cambridge, MA

  • Youth 14+ may be able to apply for funding through Cambridge’s Mayor’s Program

More Details:  Summer Academy Details
Application:  Application Summer 2017