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iFp Saturdays

There is a tremendous amount of youth-centered innovation related activities occurring each weekend in Boston / Cambridge that far too many youth are not taking advantage of.  These youth will remain under-represented in the growth economy until they are exposed to opportunities and challenged to pursue them. 

iFp Saturdays was designed to help remedy this situation.  iFp Saturdays introduces youth in grades 6 -12 to people, places and opportunities in the innovation economy. Over 15 Saturdays from September to May, students explore the intersections of Design, Business, Science and Technology by participating in existing programming throughout Boston / Cambridge as well as our own.  Activities will take place at MIT, Boston University, Olin College and many other venues.  A heavy emphasis is placed on developing a sense of belonging in the innovation community.

Students not only explore the analytical side of innovation, but the creative elements as well.  Students will be introduced to the field of Design – one of the fastest growing areas in the innovation space. Designers use their creativity to turn ideas into products or services that add value to people’s life. Specific design related activities are being developed including a field-trip to the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum in NYC and design challenges at local colleges and businesses.

In our first year, we will only be accepting 25 students.  There will be rolling admission until all slots are filled.  Admission will be considered pending until phone interview with parent and student is completed.  Funding is being sought to offset expenses.  The goal is for the program to free to those admitted.

Activities include:

  • MIT Tour & College Prep Talk
  • Hub Week Tour
  • MIT Museum Girls Day
  • Science of Baseball
  • MIT Spark / Splash
  • Stanford d.school Wallet Design Project (students & parents)
  • Rapid Prototyping at Boston University
  • MIT D-Lab
  • Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
  • Young Men Leadership Conference Morehouse Alumni
  • Design Challenge @ local business
  • Design Challenge @ Olin College
  • Cooper Hewitt Design Museum in NYC  (subject to funding)
  • That Physics Show NYC  (subject to funding)