Our Projects & Programs

Innovation in the 21st Century requires people who are as creative as designers, as tech savvy as scientists and engineers and as driven as entrepreneurs. The Doers Lab is where our approach and guiding principles (Skill Building, Exposure and Guidance) are manifested. It is essentially an innovation lab preparing students to address the needs of people in the real world.  This is accomplished in many forward-thinking ways:

http://innovatorsforpurpose.org/road-map/ http://innovatorsforpurpose.org/road-map/ http://innovatorsforpurpose.org/launchpad/ http://innovatorsforpurpose.org/robotics/ http://innovatorsforpurpose.org/smc/ http://innovatorsforpurpose.org/summer/ http://innovatorsforpurpose.org/saturdays/

iFp Saturdays:  Over 15 Saturdays from September to May, students are exposed to the power of Design, Science, Technology and Business by participating in existing programming throughout Boston / Cambridge as well as our own.  Activities take place at MIT, Harvard University, Olin College of Engineering and many other venues.


iFp Robotics:  Using a humanities first approach students are introduced to robotics.  We have found that approaching a complex STEM subject like robotics from a humanities perspective to be more inviting to girls along with those without a strong affinity to STEM. 

Science Math & Creativity:  Provides an opportunity to improve student’s overall Science & Math knowledge while addressing individual learning needs in those subjects.


WayFinders:  Students in concert with mentors build a digital storytelling platform and novel WayFinding Signage distribution system to retell stories of Cambridge’s transformation from a leading New England Industrial City into an innovation hotbed.


iFp Launchpad:  Our original program at Fletcher Maynard Academy continues to evolve with self-selected 5th graders being introduced to our design approach.