We bring together the most creative youth and the most analytical ones, especially those residing in less served areas, to introduce them to the power of design, science, technology and business to solve today’s most complex problems.



There is a quiet storm brewing in the innovation economy.  Persons who are as creative as designers, tech savvy as scientist and technologists and as driven as entrepreneurs are extremely valuable, highly sought-after and considering the complexity of today’s problems will remain in great demand for a long time.



We create immersive hands-on experiences that places a high value on developing a sense of belonging in the innovation community. Once students develop a desire to be a part (will) they will seek the skills to participate. Skill follows will.



Our students are constantly challenged to take one step towards making their mark. They learn that doing, failing & iterating not infinite planning & talking is the pathway to becoming makers and doers that make things happen.


Creative Leaders | Creative Doers

Just a few days ago I read a post by Tim Brown, CEO IDEO, titled “How Might Design Thinking Help the TSA?”  He discussed how air travel is comprised of an interconnected system, and it is hard to effect significant change in any system by looking at only...

inside the Do Lab | Purpose Learning

Buildingoff of a study on Purpose Learning out of Stanford University, we have created a very exciting learning experience for our Creative Doers in the Do Lab. The essence of Purpose Learning is that academic pursuits are linked with the purpose that fuels it.  This...