Creative Doers

DSTBToday’s most complex problems requires a new kind of innovator.  One who has the analytical skills of a Scientist, Technologist or Business person, while possessing the creative skills of a Designer. They are also effective collaborators, intellectually curious and empathic. Most importantly they know how to get things done. These new innovators or Creative Doers are extremely valued and sought out in industry.

Our aim is to identify high potential youth in Greater Boston’s under-resourced communities, immersive them in cultures of Designers, Scientist, Technologist and Business Persons, then leverage our network of professionals to collectively build their skills to become Creative Doers capable of solving today’s most challenging problems.


  • Connect students passions with STEM subject and careers
  • Move beyond surface level interest to understanding purpose that fuels interest
  • Increase student confidence in science & math to ensure STEM interest is lasting
  • Become trusted guides working with students from initial engagement through high school graduation.

Using our Integrated Creative Problem Solving (iCps) framework, we broaden participation in today’s innovation-driven economy by creating a more inclusive approach to STEM. We bring together the most creative youth and the most analytical ones. Teach them a common language (Design / Design Thinking), then watch as they unlock unique innovative solutions to problems that are of most interest to them.  By starting with problems instead of STEM subject matter, phobias and fears often associated with STEM by students in underrepresented populations is avoided. Interestingly, solving problems in today’s world is nearly impossible without STEM. Students naturally pull-in STEM concepts into their solutions in an integrated non-threatening manner.  Our pull instead on push approach broadens participation in STEM.