We were extremely excited to kick-off our new iFp Saturdays program with a trip to Fenway.  It was an incredible night in so many ways. A special Thanks to our friend, Jack Rummel, of the Cambridge Rotary for helping make this possible.

iFp Saturdays is designed to expose youth to people, places and opportunities never imagined. As you read my thank you letter to Sam Kennedy, President of the Red Sox, you will understand the significance of this program.

We have done an incredible job exposing our students to institutions of higher learning.  Last year, we visited MIT, Harvard, Olin College of Engineering and U Mass Lowell.  Matter of fact, we spent so much time at MIT – a few of them thought they were students!  Lobby 7, Infinite Corridor and Killian Court has become a part of their vocabulary.

On the other hand, we haven’t made as much progress with industry visits. If any of you work for companies interested in exposing youth to opportunities in Design, Science, Technology or Business – please send me an email.  We have a few open Saturdays that we are looking to fill with activities.

Dear Mr. Kennedy,

On behalf of Innovators for Purpose (iFp) and our students, we would like to thank you for not only inviting us to Fenway, but allowing us to experience it in such a magnificent manner. When we entered the suite, the excitement on our young people’s faces was priceless. They were amazed at everything from the TV in the bathroom to the spectacular views. I lost track of all of the hugs I received of thanks.

When we started iFp, one of our goals was to provide opportunities that allow our students to see the inner-workings of buildings they walk by each and every day. Companies that they interact with daily – Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Amazon all have offices in Cambridge. However, on a recent recruiting visit to a Cambridge middle school, not one student aspired to work at any of those businesses. I’m not sure if they really weren’t interested or just didn’t think that it was an option for them. Our work focuses on helping students develop a sense of belonging in the innovation-landscape. Once the sense of belonging is in place, the skills to participate will follow.

I felt that it was important for our Fenway visit to not only be an entertainment opportunity, but an educational one as well. Carter did an exceptional job lining up visits from the Business Analytics and Creative Services group. Our students asked questions ranging from the Carmine / Beacon transition to Augmented versus Virtual Reality. They even volunteered to be beta testers for some of your upcoming technology deployments.

Once again, thank you for opening Fenway’s doors for our students. I don’t think we have a Big Papi in our group, but hopefully the seeds were planted for a future Business Operations Exec. This was an experience that will be remembered for a long time.


Michael K. Dawson

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